Research Publication

Posted on 2017/09/29

The initial research study has been accepted for publication at the 3rd IEEE International Conference on Network, Communication and Computing, held 12/2017.

Moon, S.M. and Qu, Y. A Quantitative Approach for Determining Pilot Affective Patterns During Soaring Flight Simulation, in Computer and Communications (ICCC), 2017 3rd International Conference.

Participants Needed for Simulator & Flight Studies

Posted on 2017/09/14

We are preparing a new research study and need volunteer pilots of all backgrounds (glider, airplane, helicopter, balloon, or student pilots). Experiments will be conducted in glider, airplane, and seaplane simulators and gliders, airplanes, and seaplanes. Volunteers please send a message using the Contact Us link.

Research sessions may take from 30-90 minutes. Sessions will be begin in late September, 2017.