Publications / Conferences


  • Moon, S. M., & Qu, Y. (2017). A Quantitative Approach for Determining Pilot Affective Patterns During Soaring Flight Simulation. Paper presented at the 2017 VI International Conference on Network, Communication and Computing, Kumming, China.

  • Moon, S. M. (2017). An Experimental Design of a Foundational Framework for the Application of Affective Computing to Soaring Flight Simulation and Training. (Doctor of Computer Science Dissertation), Colorado Technical University.

Conference Presentations

  • INNOVATIVE PRACTICES :  Applications of Affective Computing : Usability, Acceptance Testing….and Beyond Aug 29, 2017. Disney Tech Days.

  • Applications of Affective Computing Oct 7, 2014. CTU Doctoral Symposium. Poster Presentation.

  • Affective Computing Applied to Soaring Flight and Soaring Flight Simulation TrainingMay 25, 2014. 1st Annual Harvard Extension Innovations Symposium.

  • Developing with Google Glass May 2014. Disney Dev Days 2014.