Head Tracking Integrated

Posted on 2014/01/06

I’ve added head tracking using TrackIR. This will allow the simulator pilot to change their view without using a secondary control (such as a keyboard or joystick). It took a bit of tweaking to get the tracking calibrated and the speed and smoothness settings correct. Here’s a quick demonstration video. Note that the instrument panel is not placed in the optimal position. I am moving it to an adjustable mount that I am in the process of fabricating.

Recorded with Google Glass
YouTube Preview Image

Simulator Multi Monitor Flight Test

Posted on 2014/01/04

A short 3 minute video of takeoff (tow) to pattern altitude and a quick landing to demonstrate multi monitor support and instrument panel integration.

Recorded with Google Glass
YouTube Preview Image

Simulator Progress – Multi Monitor

Posted on 2014/01/04

Work continues on my simulator. I now have a fully functioning control panel working with software wrappers that allow it to integrate with multiple flight simulations. Other additions include 3 front speaker mounts fabricated from Vex structural hardware to hang the speakers below the displays.

Now I can start integration with Glass for the affective computing/augmented reality portion of my research!

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Research Focus

Posted on 2013/12/14
shandg300My research combines affective computing and soaring flight simulation.
Chassis Side ViewChassis Front View

Simulator Platform In Progress

Posted on 2013/11/30

I have begun assembly of Version 1 of the soaring flight simulator chassis and platform to be used for my dissertation research.It is not yet fully assembled (some parts are still on the way), and some parts are still being fabricated. This is a static (non-motion) platform. Version 2  will include partial motion. Components include…  Continue Reading →

Site Launch

Posted on 2013/11/27 has launched, a  research blog for Shannon Moon: Engineer, Computer Scientist, and Doctoral Candidate.

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